Dog safety & children

Dogs are very safe furry animals but there is care required to ensure safety for little family members

Feb 03, 2023
mother with a young baby & a dog teaching baby to touch the dog gently
Dogs are often beloved members of the family, but for some parents, the concern of their child getting harmed by a dog can be a constant worry. However, with the right precautions, parents can ensure that their children and dogs can coexist safely. Here are some tips for parents to not worry about dogs harming their children.
  1. Supervise Interactions: It's essential to supervise interactions between dogs and children, especially if they are meeting for the first time. This will help prevent any accidental bites or scratches that could occur.
  2. Teach Children How to Approach Dogs: Children should be taught how to approach dogs in a calm and respectful manner. They should not run up to the dog or pull its tail, as these actions can trigger a defensive response.
  3. Train Your Dog: Training your dog to respond to basic commands such as "stay," "come," and "no" can help prevent any accidents or misunderstandings between your dog and child.
  4. Socialize Your Dog: Socializing your dog from a young age can help prevent any aggressive or fearful behavior towards children. Introduce your dog to various people, places, and experiences so that they are well-adjusted and comfortable around others.
  5. Dog-Proof Your Home: Keep in mind that dogs, especially puppies, love to chew and explore their surroundings. Make sure to dog-proof your home by removing any hazardous items that your dog might be tempted to chew on, such as electrical cords or small toys.
  6. Know Your Dog's Body Language: Understanding your dog's body language is essential to preventing any accidents. If your dog is feeling uncomfortable or stressed, it may show signs such as growling, lip-licking, or tail-tucking.
  7. Educate Your Children: Children should also be taught about dog safety and behavior. They should be aware of the warning signs of a dog that is feeling uncomfortable or aggressive and know what to do if they encounter a strange or unfamiliar dog.
  8. In conclusion, by following these tips, parents can feel confident that their children and dogs can coexist safely. Regular supervision and education can go a long way in preventing any accidents or incidents between dogs and children. With the right precautions and a little bit of patience, families can enjoy the many benefits of having a dog in their lives.